The philosophy of Say It Now was not inspired so much by our ancient Greek academics, Plato and Socrates but rather by the words of wisdom from our 20th century Dr Suess.

Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than YOU


When Say It Now coaches clients to communicate, speak and present, our main focus is to ensure they don’t deviate from who they truly are. We don’t produce clones, but rather, an individual who communicates their message with commanding presence and influence, whether they be introverts or extroverts, they can heighten their level of charisma and presence with authenticity.

  • We will show you how to deliver a compelling speech or pitch.
  • Heighten your executive presence with a voice of leadership
  • Unlock your organisation’s potential through our bespoke courses.

For more than 25 years now noted voice consultant Maree Clancy has applied her formal qualifications in speech and drama, performance, critical thinking and cutting edge learning techniques to help individuals, corporate executives and public figures find their ‘true’ voice – transforming them from content specialists or reluctant workplace communicators/trainers to warm, trusted and compelling presenters.

 Since founding Say It Now voice consultancy in 2003, Maree has not only helped hundreds of people to find their voice in specialised workshops, she has become increasingly popular as a main stage presenter at conferences, forums and other corporate events.



It was a cool August afternoon in 2002 when suddenly, my life took a pivotal direction. Initially I was unimpressed but that was soon to vanish when I realised that appearing before me was a golden opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do……. and that is …….. take my speech and voice coaching business which up until then, focused predominantly on children, into the corporate and business arenas with adults. Anguish was soon replaced with excitement and enthusiasm.  Phone calls were made, discussions had, research done, documents filed out, company names searched, decision made and registration sealed ……. Result:

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Generally speaking, children haven’t manifested many blockages that prevent them from communicating effectively . By the time they reach adulthood, life has usually dealt them one or more difficult cards and for some of them, varying degrees of emotional and physical blockages that sabotage them from communicating to their full potential. Working with these adults and coaching them through revealing and releasing such blockages, freeing their voice and empowering them to speak and be heard, is extremely rewarding, more than I had ever imagined.

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