It was a cool August afternoon in 2002 when suddenly, my life took a pivotal direction. Initially I was unimpressed but that was soon to vanish when I realised that appearing before me was a golden opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do……. and that is …….. take my speech and voice coaching business which up until then, focused predominantly on children, into the corporate and business arenas with adults. Anguish was soon replaced with excitement and enthusiasm.  Phone calls were made, discussions had, research done, documents filed out, company names searched, decision made and registration sealed ……. Result:

Say It Now - voice consultancy was officially established in 2003.

I was fortunate, in that the adults I had been coaching prior, were from the political arena and senior executive management, giving me an insight into what is required for high level performance whilst also revealing areas where enhancement can be made to give my clients the competitive edge. Creating presenters and communicators with authenticity and commanding presence.

Maree Clancy - Director Say It Now - voice consultancy

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