It’s not what you say …… but how you say it!

We can have the most powerful and vital message but it will fall on deaf ears, if we are ineffective in communicating it. When working with people in communication and voice, we have found that during the process, whilst most people know what they want to say, only a comparatively small number are able to successfully convey their message to the receiver in the exact way they intended. The breakdown in the process is often due to the way the message is delivered, and this is described as paralanguage—it includes the tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. Say It Now focuses on effective use of this paralanguage when communicating.

Areas that can be covered:

  • Developing your voice of leadership
  • The importance of effective positive communication
  • Identifying communication barriers, then strategically address them.
  • Handling difficult people and situations effectively and assertively.
  • Understanding the value of correct breathing, posture and relaxation
  • Developing an understanding of basic vocal anatomy
  • Preventing nerves from sabotaging good voice and communication
  • The power of effective body language in building presence and charisma
  • Recognising and avoiding vocal traps that sabotage
  • Making your voice more interesting to listen to.

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