Executive coaching and group training.

Public speaking rarely comes naturally to any of us. In fact, it’s the world’s number one phobia.

All of us have a voice but few are comfortable speaking to an audience and even fewer embrace and master public speaking and the art of presentation.

We will coach you to deliver your presentations with Power, Presence and Persuasion, compelling the audience with a wow factor! Whether to a large audience, around the boardroom negotiating table or networking potential clients, it is all a form of public speaking.

Key areas that will be addressed are:

  • Communicating your message with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility
  • The science proving that charisma can be learned and this is how.
  • Connecting with the audience from the outset, staying relevant and sustaining connection throughout.
  • Developing vocal techniques to establish stronger presence
  • Building confidence through positive performance.
  • Designing a presentation with strategic focus.
  • Story telling as an effective communication tool.
  • Value adding working relationships through active listening
  • Effective use of influence and persuasion with clients.
  • Handling difficult questions and situations.

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