Sep 24,2015

REIQ is holding an amazing conference in October, and I am proud to announce that I will be involved in the program as a speaker.

Mar 17,2015

We tailor etc....

Feb 04,2015

Jemma is a 23yr old Aussie traveller working in a swanky London bar, having the time of her life. Whilst she is a fully qualified accountant, she chooses bar work allowing her the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

It’s a Friday night and the bar is rocking …….. she’s reveling in the manic pace and electric atmosphere. The end of the night is soon upon them and last drinks are called, she and the crew serve their finals for the evening, goodbyes are said to patrons and doors are closed. Coats are thrown on and soon Jemma and her fellow bar attendants, Dave, Carolyn & Margo head off to the local Indian restaurant for a late night curry. They would have opted for a more trendy venue but at that time of night ….. selections were limited, as this was back in the early1980’s. It takes only 10 minutes in Dave’s car and he gets a close park to the restaurant. It’s a two door, so Dave and Margo hop out and push their seats forward for Carolyn and Jemma. Carolyn has just exited when a car comes screeching around the corner, out of control. Jemma is in the car still and sees Dave jump out as the car smashes into the side of Dave’s car ……. All Jemma could think of, was that Carolyn was between both cars on impact. She gingerly got out of the car looking up to the sky and asking for some courage to be able to handle whatever she was about the witness …… she doesn’t like blood!.


Feb 04,2015

So how do we raise our levels of testosterone and lower cortisol naturally?

  • Standing in as ‘ High Power Position’

Social phsychologist Amy Cuddy will show you how in her TED talk

  • Try eating more broccoli, kale, garlic, onions and brazil nuts.
  • Cutting down if not out your sugar and alcohol intake.
  • Choose more positive language over negative alternatives. E.g

“ I’m so stressed out and overwhelmed’   could be replaced by:

“ I underestimated the time in completing this task, I can only do my best and worrying won’t achieve anything”

See how you go with these suggestions.

Oh …. And by the way ….. Carolyn’s injuries were not as bad as they appeared. She was up and running within 4mths, Jemma apologised profusely to Margo for slapping her face, Margo insisted she was eternally grateful for Jemma slapping her face and knocking some sense back into her and David just wished they had toasted sandwiches upstairs instead of venturing out for an Indian curry!

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