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Some keynote topics:

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Our Audible Fingerprint.

No two voices are identical, meaning, our voice is our audible fingerprint, so why not leverage this unique point of difference by accessing our authentic voice.

The world seems to be falling victim to the Sameness Syndrome. We’ve got cosmetic surgery leading individuals toward an aesthetic sameness, globalisation and the internet of things meshing cultures and countries into one, even cars are starting to look the same! Mind you I have to concede that Elon Musk’s Cybertruck is the exception.

Let’s break away from this syndrome, explore, experiment and connect with our voice to build trust, rapport and relationships that influence with compelling impact.


The missing ingredient for Women in Leadership.

Research shows that Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on boards financially outperform companies with the lowest representation of women on boards.

So why are Australian women underrepresented on boards and in senior management roles?

We need to take responsibility and break this cycle, stop handing over our power and develop congruency of mind, body and voice, where we communicate with confidence, clarity, credibility, transforming ourselves into formidable components.


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Conference speaking

It’s all in the delivery

We are living in an age where time is our most precious commodity and once taken or given, we can’t get it back. So ……..  if you’re asking for someone’s time pitching or presenting, make sure your message is clear, concise and compelling. Be strategic and remember -  It’s not always what you deliver, but how you deliver it!