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How much is poor communication costing your organisation?

   Engage us to identify the problem and craft a communication solution for you.

Ever wish you could wield more influence with stakeholder engagement?

Master our CONNECT-EFFECT technique; and influence with formidable impact.

Want to develop a more compelling & inspirational leadership style?

Unleash your voice of leadership, ignite inspiration and master Emotional Intelligence.

Is your voice holding back the power of your potential?

Develop a higher level of executive vocal presence, connect, engage and influence with formidable impact.

Transforming Common Communicators into Legendary Leaders!


Strategic Communication: fostering impactful influence and Gravitas.


Elevate leadership by harnessing the power of Emotional Intelligence.


Speaking with Executive Presence and Gravitas.

"One easy way to become 50% more than your are now, is to hone your communication skills. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it"
Warren Buffett

This is probably why, when you enter Warren Buffett's office in Omaha, you'll notice the only plaque displayed on the wall isn't his businees degree, but rather, the public speaking and communications diploma from 1952, which he credits with transforming him.

Boosting you by over 50% - from now to WOW!

The SAY IT NOW team specialises in crafting tailored leadership, interpersonal communication and speaking solutions, designed for both Private and Government entities.

We develop tailored programs aimed at training and/or coaching managers, emerging leaders and C-suite executives to establish their core messages and communicate their vision and goals; wielding influence with confidence, clarity and credibility.

To achieve optimal outcomes, we dive deep into your business partnering with you and your organisation to pinpoint communication pain points. With that understanding, we work towards driving action into enhanced performance.

Founded in 2003 by Maree Clancy, SAY IT NOW has a proven track record of effectively catering to diverse clientele encompassing Local, State and Federal governments, as well as the Private sectors. This includes Fortune 500 companies, businesses and corporations across both Australia and International markets. Our growth stems from positive referrals, fuelled by our dedication to designing and delivering bespoke training and coaching that provides clients with game-changing communication solutions.

Corporate  Training

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Effective Leadership communication builds trust, drives action, engages employees and retains talent.

SAY IT NOW offers flexible, adaptable training tailored to your industry service, ensuring maximum value with knowledge transformed into improved performance, delivering a substantial return on investment.

Collaborating closely with you, our aim is to develop programs that tackle prevalent leadership and communication hurdles head-on; by addressing key challengers with solutions.

When you contact SAY IT NOW you will be directed to the expert who will do the work, not the salesperson.


One on One Coaching 


Coaching: the key to unlocking your path to success.

Enhance your leadership skills, elevate your emotional intelligence and refine communication strategies by embarking on a personalised executive coaching journey designed for either managers, emerging leaders or C-suite executives.

Experience the advantages of tailored coaching and mentorship provided by industry-accredited professionals. This coaching aims to cultivate the formidable communicator within, enabling you to excel in your professional journey - a game changing asset for you and your company's success.


Government Offerings


Fostering Leadership excellence: government solutions, effective interpersonal communication and strategic executive presence. 

As you know, effective leadership communication is crucial for building trust, driving action, engaging employees and retaining top talent.

At SAY IT NOW we believe in this principle wholeheartedly. That's why we specialise in developing tailored programs aimed at training or coaching government managers, emerging leaders and C-suite executives to establish their core messages and communicate their vision and goals; wielding influence with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility.


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What can I say……? You were superb! Read the room and the very diverse group of people with great sensitivity and acuity.
What most impressed me, and came back to me in the feedback, was how you so elegantly demonstrated what you were saying and teaching at the time you were doing it. True consummate mastery of your craft and knowledge. Bravo!!
And thank you Maree.

Director - Peak Performance Development

Allan Parker OAM

As a professional speaker, my voice is my signature…. Maree has repeatedly helped me both understand the science of voice and the art of how it applies to me. My career continues because of her knowledge and attention to detail. There are plenty of people who are knowledgeable about voice and speaking...yet, you wouldn't find someone who applies that knowledge with such care and persistence.

National Director NLP in Education at USA

Michael Grinder

As captain of the company ship, a CEO wears many hats, perhaps the most important is Chief Communicator, responsible for shaping the company’s reputation with both internal and external audiences. At our leadership offsite in Dubai 2019, Maree helped our Everlengends bring a tone of voice that both embodies and expresses the brand’s personality and set of values of Everledger. It’s about the people that make up the brand – the things that drive them, their loves and loathes, and what they want to share with the world. What a great gift you have given our team!

CEO of Everledger and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

Leanne Kemp

I can’t thank you enough, I have people tell me often “ you are such a great speaker, I could never do that and I tell them that yes you can, you just need help from Maree!" You have given me my confidence and I have found my voice, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Ali Davenport

ThomsonAdsett undertook and executive communication training programme for senior staff. All members have been highly complimentary of Maree’s knowledge and delivery techniques. Maree’s professional experience enables her to provide personal insights and advice for professionals dealing with difficult situations. I truly believe that the training undertaken by Maree with our team will ensure their ongoing success in the corporate world.

Qld State Managing Director - ThomsonAdsett.

Liza Ringdah

Maree was very professional, friendly and presented an engaging and informative Power, Presence and Persuasion workshop for our staff. Maree provided specific feedback to each participant to enhance their performance. I’m hopeful that we will find another opportunity to work with her again. Thank you Maree.

Director K-12 Resource Branch - Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)

Kathryn Tully

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