Corporate Training


Effectual training is not an event, it’s a process that improves employee capability.  Our training is designed to engage, support and build this improved capability into sustained performance improvement and business results. We design programs for optimum transfer of knowledge and performance outcomes. We encourage, support and reinforce this transformation of learning into improved performance.  In a nutshell ….. we deliver results!


Some favoured areas our courses have covered:


  • Understanding our communication style and its impact on others.
  • Making our voice more interesting to listen to.
  • Structuring the message with strategic influence.
  • Vocal techniques used to deliver the message with formidable impact.
  • Handling difficult people / conversations /questions / situations.
  • Turning anxiety from a liability into an asset.
  • Leading with emotional intelligence.
  • Communicating with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility.
  • Building new business and securing retention of current clients.