Corporate Training


Effective leadership communication builds trust, drives action, engages employees and retains top talent.


SAY IT NOW develops specialised programs aimed at training managers, emerging leaders and C-suite executives to establish their core messages and communicate their vision and goals with confidence, clarity and credibility.

We offer a range of tailored services designed to elevate executive and leadership skills across industries, equipping clients with the gravitas, charisma and executive presence necessary to thrive in aq rapidly changing competitive professional landscape.


Effectual training is not an event, it’s a process that improves employee capability.  Our training is designed to engage, support and build this improved capability into sustained performance improvement and business results. We design programs for optimum transfer of knowledge and performance outcomes. We encourage, support and reinforce this transformation of learning into improved performance.  In a nutshell ….. we deliver results!


Signature Solutions We Deliver:


  • Inspiring influence; leading with Emotional Intelligence.
  • Leading with authority; Mastering your authentic voice.
  • Strategic messaging: Shaping influence.
  • Vocal techniques used to deliver the message with formidable impact.
  • Navigating difficult people and conversations.
  • Mastering the CONNECT-EFFECT.
  • Communicating with Impact: Confidence, Clarity and Credibility.
  • Winning and Keeping Clients: Building Business Success.
  • Fortifying Leadership Trust.
  • Thriving in High-Stakes Communication.
  • Masterfully navigating emotionally charged situations.