About Maree Clancy

While most companies have origin stories rooted in fulfilling passionate dreams, SAY IT NOW  took shape out of sudden necessity – a product of adversity. In that critical time,  I soon realised the importance of introspection. In order to progress, evolve and thrive, I needed to identify and own my part in creating the adversity. It was in the midst of this personal reckoning that I began unearthing a transformative insight: the elusive ingredient that fosters gravitas and power in all influential communicators, leaders and speakers.

Over two decades have passed since that pivotal insight and now, SAY IT NOW anchors its essence in two resounding principles born from this discovery; Connect Within, Influence Beyond. Achieving genuine influence necessitates alignment within ourselves - harmony between our mind, body and voice. Only through this mind, body and voice congruency within, can we unlock the ability to extend our influence beyond, thereby making a profoundly significant impact on others.


At SAY IT NOW we specialise in crafting tailored leadership, communication and speaking training and coaching solutions, designed for both the private and public sectors. We dive deep into your business, partnering with you and your organisation to pinpoint communication pain points. With that understanding, we work towards driving action into enhanced performance.

Founded in Brisbane in 2003 by myself, SAY IT NOW has a proven track record of effectively catering to diverse clientele encompassing local and state governments, as well as the private sectors. This includes Fortune 500 companies, businesses and corporations across both Australia and international markets. Our growth stems from positive referrals, fuelled by our dedication to designing and delivering bespoke training and coaching that provides clients with game changing communication solutions.

My combination of a solid foundation, blending formal training and qualifications with extensive client experience, enhances my capabilities effectively. My personal leadership experience enables me to guide professionals from all industries to hone their skills and unleash their potential. Whether steering and inspiring a team of facilitators, leading the business or during my tenure as board director and then president, my leadership credentials shine through.

SAY IT NOW strives to develop powerful communicators and visionary leaders, who foster connections, wield influence, and drive

positive workplace transformations for a better world. 

The Importance of Presence with Maree Clancy

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