Executive Coaching and Mentoring

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This is a bespoke one on one coaching and or mentoring service,  assessing and addressing the needs and concerns of the client. Some typical client concerns have been:


  • Find difficulty in holding audience attention.
  • Feel people don't take them serously.
  • Find they avoid public speaking opportunities, then are disappointed.
  • Being overlooked for promotions and spoken over at meetings.
  • Feel their voice isn’t strong and authoritative.
  • Are coming across as submissive or aggressive when communicating.
  • Find nerves sabotage their communication.


  • Managing emotionally charged situations.
  • Developing high risk communication strategies.
  • Mastering the art of the deal; powerful negotiation.
  • Building stakeholder alliances.
  • Inspriing influence by leading through Emotional IntelligenceCoaching sessions are usually face to face, of 2hrs duration and two to four weeks apart. Also, with a follow up between each session outlining key elements covered and pre-session coaching work.

Coaching sessions are usually delivered face to face, 2hrs in duration and between 2-4 weeks apart. We also provoide a follow up after each session.